Create your vision with quality products from Halcyon Lighting

Halcyon Lighting is  a leading New Zealand luminaire designer and importer, specialising in both domestic and commercial lighting.   We work closely with some of Asia’s most innovative and proven LED manufacturers and co-develop LED products specifically for New Zealand’s unique residential and commercial  lighting environments.  

S323 1TWNL
R693 KSL
R400 WNL
S294 1TWNL
S291 1TWNL

LED Lighting is one of the most reliable, energy efficient and cost effective lighting options.

Not only are you using a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting options, they last much longer, (between 30,000 and up to 50,000 hours) run cooler and virtually no maintenance is required once they are installed.

Halcyon Lighting offer a wide range of LED Lighting solutions both domestic and commercial.
Our range consists of LED Lamp Modules, LED Cabinet, LED Stair tread, LED Recessed Downlights, LED Decorative, LED Surface Mount, LED Flexible Tape, LED Exterior, LED Floods,  LED Spots & LED Track Lighting.

Our LED luminaires are sourced from reputable high end suppliers who are constantly researching and reviewing the latest LED technology and trends.  We have products manufactured to our own specifications ensuring a quality product which is manufactured specifically for New Zealand home and environment suitability.

Certification: Halcyon Lighting are members of LCNZ (Lighting Council of New Zealand) and NZLMS (NZ Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers)  Our products are designed and tested to comply with new recessed luminaire requirement AS/NZS 60598.2.2:2001 Amendment A and are such inherently safe for use in NZ home environments incorporating insulation.