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Benefits of LED Home Lighting Inside and Out

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As people are becoming more energy efficient in an effort to save money, avoid the hassle of blown bulbs and reduce their environmental footprint, it only makes sense that interior and exterior LED lighting products are surging in popularity. Look around your house and have a look at your light bulbs and light sources. Switching some or all of these lights to energy efficient LED light sources will make a huge difference in your energy consumption and power bills.

All light bulbs illuminate, but beyond that, there are many differences. Here are some of the top reasons why LED lights for interior, exterior and commercial use continue to surge in popularity.

Safety. Residential Halcyon LED products typically run at 40 - 90 degrees celsius, in comparison Halogen bulbs can reach up to 350 degrees celsius and have been banned in some countries due to their fire risk.

Wallet Friendly. Compared to a 100-watt incandescent bulb, an LED fitting is up to 90 per cent more efficient. You would pay about $25 per year to operate the traditional bulb and only $2.50 per year to operate the LED. Multiply those savings by all of the lightbulbs you use inside and outside your house and that’s serious money in your pocket.

Environmentally Friendly. We have one earth and we all should try to be good stewards of the environment. In the manufacture of other bulbs, toxins like mercury, arsenic and lead are used. They are not used to produce LED bulbs. Additionally, switching to LED helps to significantly lower carbon emissions and helps keep our air clean. By one estimate, an LED lamp that is operated for six hours a day for an entire year reduces carbon emissions by 192 KG per year compared to operating a traditional bulb for the same amount of time.

Are you ready to make the switch to LED? We’re your leading source for LED lights in NZ. Whether you are interested in energy efficient, reliable, long lasting outdoor LED lighting or unique indoor LED lighting, we’ve got it all.

Benefits of LED Home Lighting Inside and Out